Evergreen Birth

I am Kimberly. Mother. Full Spectrum Doula. Empath.

The eldest of five siblings, and now a mother to three, my desire to nurture, care, and provide loving support is part of my purpose in life. My doula journey started many years ago (ask me about the story!), and has now flourished into a beautiful business that recognizes birthing people in all walks & phases of life. As a full spectrum doula, I support birthing people, and families experiencing any and all variations of birth and loss, including abortion, planned, and unplanned.

Trained by Carriage House Birth, and Placenta Benefits Inc., I also hold an AS in Behavioral and Social Science, as well as an EMT certification. I have trained extensively in postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, and am working on my undergrad in Gender Studies. I am continuously engaged in ongoing education, as this works is fluid, and requires constant connection, engagement, and growth to better serve others.

I am a person that understands the physiology of birth, and also believes that through education and support, guidance, and validation, birth can be a journey that is positive, incredible, and successful-however that looks to each individual birthing person or family.

With love & light.