Hello families! I'm Kimberly, born in L.A., raised in Ojai and Carpinteria. I am a Doula, Postpartum Educator, Placenta Specialist, and Birth Photographer. I'm an advocate of physiological birth, an empath, yogi, writer, skier, volleyball player, book collector, and nature lover, to name a  few things about me. 
I am mother to Travis Malcolm, Sadie Bella, and Piper Pearl. I have three radically different birth stories, and am always eager to share. I'm a wife to my soul-mate Mike, who is a mid-western, salt of the earth kinda guy.
 I owe my love of birth to my own mother, who has always instilled in me the beauty of babies, breastfeeding, and mothering. Being the eldest of five, I was part of each of my siblings birth, creating a quiet livelong dream of birth-work, that has now manifested into a dream come true, a thriving business, that supports women from all walks of life, birthing in all different situations. 
Education & Credentials:
I am a Doula-trained with many mentors, in and around the LA/SB area, and a certified Placenta Specialist(PBI). I was the past Director of Warmline, for Postpartum Education for Parents, otherwise known as PEP. I currently sit on the board for ICAN SB, and just started a non-profit called the Santa Barbara Doula Program, that brings support to local women displaced, or disenfranchised by addiction and/or incarceration. In addition, I have a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and I hold multiple certificates, including an EMT cert., CPR/First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogen's cert., through OSHA, and in early 2017 completed the Postpartum Action Institute's weekend certificate course with Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D, and Jane Honikman of PSI.