Birth Doula


As a Doula, my intention is to inform, empower, guide and support you through your pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum. During the birth, I will provide continuous physical and emotional support. I will guide and support your partner to incorporate him or her into the folds of the birth story, drawing from your needs.

  • Our initial meeting will be to decide if we are a good fit. No obligation!

  • We will meet at least 2 times before your birth for prenatal sessions, normally at your home, or a neutral location, if you feel called to be outside, such as the park or quiet coffee shop.

  • We will form a comprehensive birth plan and discuss your "ideal" birth while also demystifying negatives and discussing topics related to your body during birth, and what to expect depending on where you are birthing.

  • During labor we will focus on breath, gentle massage, and meditation, amongst other ways of support.

  • We will practice mantra's and pain techniques before labor begins, so you feel prepared and empowered.

  • I will offer reading suggestions and exercises to help you prepare yourself for bringing baby earth-side.

  • You will have access to my library of books, as well as help finding referrals for various services.

  • We will plan for your immediate postpartum in detail.

  • I offer unlimited phone, email and text and will be on call for your birth starting at 37 weeks.

  • Doula package includes placenta processing.

    Once you have settled into your new family's routine, I will be back for a postpartum visit to help you process your birth story, and hold space with you as you ease gently into your new role. I will be able to answer any breastfeeding questions, and most importantly, I will get to enjoy your new baby's presence on this earth.



“Deciding to work with a doula was something we knew we wanted. Choosing Kim as that person was the best decision we could have made. The service and support provided by her is invaluable. Her ability to hold space for both myself and my husband was priceless. She guided us without judgment. Her ability to address our questions and concerns was only matched by her willingness to find the answer if she didn’t have one herself. Kim helped us feel safe and confident as we got near the end of both the pregnancy and the laboring process. She worked seamlessly and professionally with the rest of our birth team at the hospital. Her familiar face working alongside my husband is something our family will forever be grateful for.”