Adhering to the tradition of "mothering the mother," I immerse myself into the care of the mother. Using food as medicine for healing, my menu is based on the Ayurvedic tradition's. This beautiful time, often called the 4th Trimester, or the "First Forty Days," is about connection, communication, and nourishment. I combine my skills to be your familiy’s guide during our time together, and to help the transition from "maiden to mother" to be soft, comforting, and full of love. 


(choose 1)

  1. Red Lentil Dal (vegetarian)

    • sweet potato, coconut milk and kale, fennel, red lentils, cilantro, spices and herbs 

  2. Chicken Stew (meat)

    • seasonal root veggies, with spices and herbs 

    Add on's to choose from for soup's:

    crispy chickpeas
    roasted nuts 
    zucchini noodles 
    udon noodles 
    rice noodles 

Buddha Bowls:

(choose 1)

  1. Green Bowl

    • oven roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, corn, sautéed mushrooms, a bit of hummus, avocado oil, and flax seed

  2. Red Bowl

    • quinoa as the base, sautéed green beans, massaged kale, grass fed beef, a half of avocado, topped with shredded cheese, fresh herbs, and a homemade vinaigrette 

    Add on's to choose from for soup's:

    crispy chickpeas
    favorite seasonal veggie 
    sub fish for beef 
    favorite type of cheese
    favorite type of dressing 

Included is a snack platter of locally grown fruits, and an array of crackers, and bite size snacks for the family to share. 

Menu is subject to change due to seasons, and needs of families.