As a certified Placenta Specialist through Placenta Benefits Inc., I process placentas using the Traditional Chinese Method. This is a process that is composed of cleaning, steaming, dehydrating, and then encapsulating the placenta. While herbs are used during this process, nothing comes into contact with the placenta. This process is offered either in your home, or my personal space. I will be on call for the placenta, and will pick up immediately after delivery, no matter the location of the birth, (previously discussed). Placenta pills are brought to you around 72 hours after birth, where we spend some time discussing directions for taking pills, and I offer any advice, or answer any postpartum questions you may have. I offer a phone consultation prior to contract signing so we can discuss the exact process as pertaining to you and your birth & needs. 

A La Carte
$ 300

Typical yield is 60-150 capsules, depending on size of placenta. Vegetarian capsules are used, but vegan can be requested. While there is no flavor to the pills themselves, herbs are used during the process, includes lemon, ginger, and lavender. Secured in a new glass jar, the pills will be stored in the fridge. 

Full directions for usage will be discussed in person during our postpartum visit when I deliver pills. I require a phone consult prior to the signing of the contract to secure placenta service. 

Choclate Placenta Truffles

(yields approx. 6)


(6 weeks to process for use in later postpartum/for menses or menopause)