Postcards for


Postcards for Postpartum is an opportunity for women across the world to connect with one another during that first month of new life. Bringing home a baby is hard, because not only are you bringing home a tiny human, but you're also bringing home a new you. At times, it can feel isolating, tiring, and lonely. But, the truth is, we aren't alone. And sometimes, it’s the little reminders that can help ease us through the day to day-during what is arguably one of the biggest transitions of your life! 

So, here's the deal! If you’re a pregnant woman, wanting to receive postcards from some cool random lady strangers, then click the box titled “I’m interested” below to get started! Once baby comes, make sure to send a follow up email letting me know that baby has arrived, along with a short paragraph about how things went & how you’re doing, at which point I will dispatch the details to fellow women around the world who have also signed up, and you will start to receive postcards of solidarity. You won't get more than 10, because, well, because that's just the number I came up with, haha, and there's no obligation to write back.

Just read the words, let them sit with your heart, reminding you, that even in the hardest moment's you face in postpartum, you are being held, and supported, by so many other women around the globe. 

Speaking of globe! If you are one of these women that wants to write postcards, then I need your information. Click the box titled “I’m interestserd” below to get started! Once I get your email, I’ll confirm you’re on the list, and then you just chill until you hear from me with the name of your postpartum mother out there in the world who could use some sage advice, or maybe just a word of encouragement, or maybe you just want to say: “Hey, how’s it going? Hang in there. You’ve got this.” Whatever is it, someone at home needs to check their mailbox and read what you’ve got to say. Sounds good? Cool, yes, let’s do it. 

Open to all women, of all nationalities, of all colors, creeds, religions, nations, continents, perspectives, whatever. You do not have to have birthed a baby to write.  Only requirement is to be nice, supportive, loving, and please keep it simple! 

Please, reach out with any questions you have. I'm all ears. Big love to you all.